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Customs Agency Services has a proven reputation as a leading provider of world-class customs and logistics services. Since 1976, CAS has worked diligently to secure its position as one of Australia's most progressive international and domestic customs and logistics service providers.

In December 2021, Customs Agency Services joined the Mondiale VGL Group. Whilst still operating independently, this has brought significant new scale and capability to CAS' operations, allowing our customers access to a full suite of integrated services, providing even greater control and visibility over their supply chain.

  • Mondiale VGL is Oceania's leading sea freight forwarder and is ranked within the world's top 30 global freight forwarders.
  • It is the largest import sea freight forwarder into New Zealand and an industry leading container transport carrier in Australia.
  • Mondiale VGL has more than 1500 staff across 63 offices in New Zealand, Australia, China, and the Philippines, and 1000 agency offices worldwide.
  • Mondiale Freight Services merged with Visa Global Logistics in February 2021 to become Mondiale VGL.
  • Mondiale Freight Services was established in Auckland in 1989. Visa Global Logistics was established in Sydney in 1982.
  • Mondiale means 'global' in Italian. https://mondialevgl.com/
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Our Difference

Industry Respect Well Earned

At CAS, we provide premium, yet affordable, customs and logistics services for businesses of every size . We deliver a personalized customer service experience and offer adaptable International Logistics solutions that address safety considerations, budget and time constraints, as well as complex project cargo management. CAS address our clients' unique requirements and preferences and anticipate client specific needs to exceed expectations at every opportunity.

We offer superior air and sea International Logistics solutions with customs and quarantine advice and clearance. CAS specialize in aerospace, communications, construction, hardware, and e-commerce solutions and our dedication to service excellence is reflected in our industry awards history.

CAS services include:

  • Global Air and Sea International and Domestic Logistics
  • Import/ Export Expertise
  • Specialist Services- aerospace cargo handling and logistics
  • AOG Priority Services
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Warehousing
  • Global Logistics Solutions
  • Online Tracking
  • 3pl
  • IT solutions
  • Project management

At CAS, we consider the strength of our professional relationships to be the backbone of our business and therefore continuously nurture the strong connection that we have with our network of partners and clients. Our reputation for customer service excellence precedes us, and we are proud to be recognized as a leader in our industry. We understand that our values, professional knowledge, and solid foundations provide stability in an industry that presents challenging demands. These strong company foundations enable us to build client trust and loyalty and therefore secure our position as a Leading international logistics provider.

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Management Team

Leadership - Teamwork - Success

The CAS management team is comprised of industry experts who are highly experienced in the areas of business management, Customs, logistics operations, marketing and sales and information technology. The combined knowledge of the CAS team of professionals guarantees that our logistics solutions successfully address our clients' individual business requirements, time schedules, and budget. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service with every interaction with potential and current clients and have a reputation for meeting and exceeding expectations.

Louise Rigoni

Louise Rigoni has been involved in the International Logistics and Customs Brokerage Industry for over 30 years and has been involved in all facets of the business. This has allowed her to develop a broad and sophisticated understanding of the unique challenges involved in the logistics of importing and exporting goods. Her extensive industry knowledge was further enriched by the many and varied responsibilities faced with running a local SA company that is competitive not only in the Australian landscape but is internationally recognised as a leader in its field.

In recent years, Louise has concentrated on the financial and technological side of the business as well as developing a focus on international trade arrangements with overseas partners. Louise is involved as the local and Australian representative on a number of Logistics and business panels.

Mark Callus

Mark Callus is a Director and proud, part owner of Customs Agency Services. He has worked in the International Logistics and Customs Brokerage industry for over 30 years. His passion for progress and customer care has seen CAS become a leader in our field.

Mark's focus has been dedicated to Government and Aerospace related projects and industries for the past ten years. His expertise has seen the company become one of Australia's most acclaimed Project and Aerospace logistics providers. Mark provides unwavering support to all CAS clients and has successfully established and maintained our worldwide logistics network of partners. Our affiliates are strategically located at over 700 sites globally enabling CAS to deliver a level of customer service that is unmatched. Mark is also an active member of the 'World Freight Alliance' which represents some of the worlds' best industry experts.

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Community Engagement

Integrity - Commitment - Diversity

The CAS team respect, value and acknowledge diversity and encourage a diverse and inclusive work place. CAS focus on broad relationship building within our community and strive to create opportunities to make real changes to those that may not have had the opportunity to reach their life potential.

Over the last 12 months CAS has supported a variety of organisations to assist in CAS'S goal of improving the lives of others, these include;

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Literacy and Education programs
  • Youth Opportunities, local support to disadvantaged Youth
  • Local Homeless shelters
  • Vietnamese orphanages for disabled children
  • Kenyan Books for Kids program
  • Local sporting teams and clubs
  • Various Australian medical research facilities for cures and support to terminal illness
  • Mental health and well being

In 2019, CAS' Reconciliation Action plan (RAP) was accepted by Reconciliation Australia. CAS is one of the first Logistics providers to have a RAP ratified and implemented. CAS are extremely proud to be an industry, business and societal leader.

We look forward to support from all of our team and business partners as we commence our RAP journey and take on board the "Closing the Gap Strategy" by focusing on the framework that allows CAS to realise and develop Respect, Relationships and Opportunities that will make a positive difference to the quality of the lives and communities of the Traditional Custodians of this land.

CAS Director's RAP Message

Reconciliation Australia CEO Message

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