E-commerce has been the driving force behind significant changes in the logistics industry. CAS has been embracing change for over 40 years and recognizes that the e-commerce sector is continuing to grow exponentially. This rate of growth presents challenges to well-established business models, however, at CAS, we constantly monitor the e-commerce sector and provide flexible, progressive solutions according to our clients' needs.

We offer multiple shipping options, to address time constraints and make complex shipping processes seamless. Our flexible e-commerce shipping solutions are designed to save you money while helping you meet increasing consumer demands. These adaptable solutions support changing business needs such as those that occur due to fluctuating retail, seasonal and consumer demands. We offer global logistics, distribution, return services, and warehousing services, transporting goods every continent.

E-Commerce Services

  • Distribution of online purchases after import
  • Reverse logistics and returns service
  • Transportation of ambient and sensitive goods such as fresh products
  • Clothing, apparel and retail shipping

Embracing Change To Facilitate Your Business Growth

The e-commerce industry continues to grow exponentially with more companies needing to expand their customer base to remain competitive in their chosen industry. CAS are here to help support your growth. We adhere to all government regulations regarding the transportation of products throughout the entire supply chain. We facilitate the distribution of online purchases after import and offer reverse logistics and an efficient return to supplier service. Our specialists prepare all documentation and fulfil all Customs requirements to expedite the clearance process and ensure the swift delivery of your goods to the consumer. Your success in business, is our success.

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